Selenizza SLN 120®

the best admixture to improve
the properties of your asphalt mixture

Selenice Bitumi Sha
Selenice Bitumi Sha

Since 2001, Selenice Bitumi Sha has been engaged in the extraction, processing, production and distribution of asphalt.

Selenizza SLN 120® is an impurity used to make high-quality products that contain bitumen.

This impurity is natural and is formed only by hot cleaning.

Official distributor of Selenizza SLN in Ukraine LLC Academic and Research Enterprise "DORTEK"

Research Enterprise "DORTEK"

Sagaidachnoho St., 12, 04070, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Колійність, продавлювання (перфорування)

The photos show the perforation of small areas on the asphalt surface traces of pressure of the supports of motorcycles, scooters and women's heels.

Колійність, продавлювання.
Колійність, продавлювання.
Економія коштів з використанням Selenizza

Save money with Selenizza Improving performance allows you to reduce the thickness of the pavement layers.

Загальна модифікація бітумів

The use of Selenizza SLN 120® profoundly profoundly changes the rheological properties of the natural binder. Depending on the amount of Selenizza added and the grade of base bitumen, it is possible to accurately obtain the required penetration and / or softening temperature for the binder to be obtained.

An important factor of the Selenizza asphalt admixture is the increase in the hardness of the initial bitumen without changing the elastic properties of the resulting binder.


Selenizza SLN 120® is compatible with all types of bitumen and its asphaltenes, the content of which exceeds 50%, gives asphalt mixtures excellent rheological and mechanical properties. It can be mixed directly with hot bitumen in tanks, but is usually added directly during the preparation of the asphalt mix (in the mixer for a continuous cycle ABZ or in a cyclic drum for factorіes of continuous type).


Гарантія якості

Our laboratory carries out systematic quality control of all products. Each batch of goods comes with a certificate with the test results.

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Selenizza SLN 120® is packaged in different ways.

For example, in hexagonal blocks of 12 kg, granules of 4–12 mm, powder of 0–5 mm, which are treated with a special anti-sintering composition. The product is delivered in large textile bags or hot-melt polyethylene bags. At the request of the buyer, depending on the total volume of the order, special packing can be made.

Research and evaluation of a new product (in granules) obtained by mixing Selenizza SLN 120® granules (in granules) with bitumen modified SBS are under development and will be offered to our customers in the near future.


We offer to supply products to the final consumer, by car, in containers, in bulk, etc.